Zibo Pengfeng New Material Technology Co., Lt
Zibo Pengfeng New Material Technology Co., Lt

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Zibo Pengfeng New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of aluminum hydroxide, special alumina, and other advanced materials.
Our products have an exceedingly various range of applications and have been the guardians for quality, environmental-friendly, and safety features of our customers for more than a decade.
Zibo Pengfeng was established in 2007. We have become a world-leading manufacturer, especially in the halogen-free retardant industry. Through years of dedication to R&D, we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing Aluminum Hydroxide (ATH) products and other flagship products.
Our leading Engineering Technology Research Center has enabled us to keep our leading position in research as well as helping our customers to increase their product performance and competitiveness.
With the continuous improvement of our product quality, our company endeavors to keep the market leadership in each segment.

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255300 Zibo

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