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Tecno System (Italy) is a company producing extrusion lines for profiles and tubes, made of thermoplastic materials, as well as industrial automation and turnkey systems. The extrusion lines of Tecno System are produced under the historically renowned brand "TPV", present since 1957. These extrusion lines excel with their robust construction, particular cure of details and accurate choice of materials (for example: the frames of our calibration tables are entirely made of stainless steel). The components satisfy the needs of energy saving, as the energy efficient extruders, electronic vacuum management on calibration units, innovative cutting units with radial hot blade (patented), etc.

The wide range of extruders (mono and conical double screws) of various capacities, can meet most of the needs of Tecno System's customers. The range of applications is also very wide: soft and rigid tubes, technical profiles, building profiles, medical tube extrusion lines, lines for the extrusion of thermal break profiles in PA with fiberglass, etc. These lines can extrude various types of plastic materials: plasticized and rigid PVC, PC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PMMA, PA, etc…

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