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C&G Pigment is a major marketing player for inorganic pigments being active throughout the whole world. Since 1993 we have been combining the product portfolio of leading Chinese pigment manufacturers with our technical competency. We build the gateway to significant production sites that have a global market relevance.

We serve customers in the fields of coatings, building materials, plastics, paper and many more applications – around the globe. They trust in our high quality standards, an attractive price-performance-ratio and the environmentally sound processability of our products from the ranges of iron oxides, ferrites, compound greens, chrome oxide green, titanium dioxide as well as carbon black. We assure a reliable supply service to numerous clients worldwide, our approach is to treat every customer as an individual business partner, offering individual service as per the customer’s needs. Our staff consists of well-trained specialists for a maximum of customer-oriented attendance.

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22-3-402 Nandu Riverside Garden
310053 Binjiang, Hangzhou

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