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Classification:SK95 Zirconia grinding medium Model Number:ZrO2Other Name: Ceramic beads,Zirconia balls, HS No: 6909120000Place of Origin:Zhengzhou,China(Mainland) Porduct Name:Zirconia beadsGrade Srandard:Electron Grade,Industrial Grade,Reagent Grade Purity:94.8%Density:6.0g/cm3 Appearance:White ballsBrane Name:Sky Universe Zirconia balls Speciality:1.High bulk density lead to high kinetic energy,higher grinding dfficiency.Which is 3-4 times than that of traditional ceramic beads.2.Suitable for the environment of high viscosity,wet grinding and dispersion.3.Low abrasion,high resistance to compression under high speed and preveting material from any contamination.4.Good chemical stablility,resisting any corrosive liquid.5.Good sphericity and mobility,smooth surface,easy washing without any pores.6.Low working cost,improving output and quality of material. Zirconium balls Applications:1.Low doping requirement industries:magnetic material,piezoelectric ceramics and dielectric ceramics.2.Pollution prevention industries:medicine industry,food industry,pesticides and cosmetic industry.3.Abrasion and corrosion resistant industries: Coatings,textiles industry,color industry,prinding , dyeing industry, ceramic ink and pesticide industry.4.Different ceramic material industries:electronic ceramics,refractory ceramics and structural ceramics . Zirconia grinding media Applied Machine:Vertical sand mill,Horizontal sand mill,Basket mill,Ball mill,Vibrating ball mill etc.Zirconia ceramic grinding media Available Sizes: (or customized)Sphere:S¢0.1-0.3, S¢0.2-0.4, S¢0.3-0.5,S¢0.4-0.6, S¢0.6-0.8, S¢0.8-1.0, S¢.01-1.2, S¢1.2-1.4, S¢1.4-1.6, S¢1.6-1.8, S¢1.8-2.0, S¢2.0-2.2, S¢2.2-2.4, S¢2.4-2.6, S¢2.6-2.8, S¢2.8-3.0, S¢3.0-3.2, S¢5, S¢7, S¢10, S¢12, S¢15, S¢20, S¢55mmCylinder:¢3*3, ¢5.5*5.5, ¢7.5*7.5, ¢10*10, ¢12*12, ¢15*15mm, Supply Ability:5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per MonthPackaging & Delivery Packaging Details :25kgs/barrel or customizedLead Time:Shipped in 1-2 days after payment Properties of Zirconia grinding materials CompositionWt%94.8%ZrO2,5.2%Y2O3Packed DensityKg/L3.5(¢7mm)Specific Densityg/cm3≥6.0Hardness(HV)Kg/mm2≥1250Elastic modulisGpa200Thermal Conductivityw/m.k3Crushing LoadKN≥20(¢7mm)Fracture ToughnessMpa.m1-2≥9Grain sizeμm≤0.5Thermal expansion Coefficient (20-400℃)*10-6/℃(20-400℃)9.6

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