What is Kimibiz ?

KiMiBiZ, where colour is known!


The colourful social network.

We all work in industries that are connected to the concept of coloration (Manufacturer, distributor or customer) and we know how difficult it is to get to reliable information. Purchaser, technician or sales people, we lose every day a precious time to try to find answers to simple questions such as:

  • Who buys or sells those products
  • Who distributes such equipment or machine?
  • Who represents such company in such country
  • Who can offer a countertrade to the one I use?

No need to lose time on GOOGLE, all this information is now available at your fingertip.

On very specific requests like for instance «wetting agents», «injection moulding» given by GOOGLE on their first page are often irrelevant to our professional environment.

Get fast and accurate information !

Let's take the example of the Nr1 pigment in the, a several billions US$ business and type «titanium dioxide GOOGLE. With one click, you get instant access to over 200 suppliers and distributors, while first page of GOOGLE only lists technical reports and Wikipedia articles. Is this really what we are looking for ?

The colourful social network
B2B global business directory, KiMiBiZ is becoming an essential tool in the world of colour.

KiMiBIZ, it is:

  • Over : 5 000 international companies registered and documented.
  • A multi segments directory (coatings, plastics, cosmetics, inks, papers, food, etc)
  • Around 11 000 products listed, all in relation with industries of the coloration
  • Visitors from 80 countries every day 
  • Over 30 000 pages seen every year 
  • A powerful, international and relevant search engine (French, English, Chinese) 
  • A powerful tool to boost your natural indexing. 
  • A social network to convey your breaking news (Twitter, soon LinkedIn) 
  • an advertising agency 

KiMiBiZ is more than just a directory listing...

Becoming a premium member on KiMiBiZ will boost your natural indexing on GOOGLE (no need to pay for ADWORDS campaign). Your company will become visible everywhere by everyone!

Here are some of the key advantages in being Premium member :

  • Access to all the segments of business (no need to advertise in different magazines )
  • First position on search request related to your business
  • Display of your company on our home page 
  • Display of your company logo on the page of your competitors
  • Hashtags on Twitter about your business
  • Share with qualified contacts
  • Broadcast your institutional releases
  • Publish your ads
  • Submit your tenders
  • Publish your ads
  • Display your advertisements
  • Access to our advertisement space
  • And so much more...

Register NOW and take profit of KiMiBiZ unique concept.

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