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Posted on the 06-12-2020


Cathay Industries to expand its iron oxide pigment production in South East Asia

Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer Cathay Industries is set to expand its
manufacturing footprint in South East Asia to meet increasing demand for its world
class Iron Oxide Pigment technology.
Cathay Industries Group CEO Mr. Terence Yu, said, “Increased requirement for our
high quality, sustainable iron oxide pigments in the coating, plastic and construction
industries, has facilitated a review of our manufacturing capacity.”
Mr. Yu said, “With advancements to our proven iron oxide production technology, we
will break new ground with a new manufacturing facility located South East Asia,
exceeding the highest environmental standards, providing the long-term sustainable
supply the market is requesting from us, and we expect to commission the new facility
during 2021.
The expansion supports the Cathay Group’s global growth strategy, particularly the
consistent growth of its high-quality CATHAYCOAT™, CATHAYTHERM™,
FERROTINT™, CATHAYGRAN™ product range, which already provides advanced
and sustainable solutions in the highly technical and demanding coating, plastic and
construction markets.
About Cathay Industries
CATHAY INDUSTRIES is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide pigments. The
business areas of the company include iron oxide pigment for the construction industry, high technology
grades for the use in coatings systems as well as highest purity iron oxides for cosmetics, food and
pharmaceutical applications. The portfolio is complimented by a number of synergistic products. Established
in 1979, the CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP, with production sites in the USA, China, Belgium and
Australia has been dynamically growing. The success of CATHAY INDUSTRIES is based on significant
investment into latest production technologies. For further information visit

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