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Cathay Industries to expand its iron oxide pigment production in South East Asia
Leading global iron oxide pigment manufacturer Cathay Industries is set to expand its manufacturing ...footprint in South East Asia to meet increasing demand for its world class Iron Oxide Pigment technology. Cathay Industries Group CEO Mr. Terence Yu, said, “Increased requirement for our high quality, sustainable iron oxide pigments in the coating, plastic and construction industries, has facilitated a review of our manufacturing capacity.” Mr. Yu said, “With advancements to our proven iron oxide production technology, we will break new ground with a new manufacturing facility located South East Asia, exceeding the highest environmental standards, providing the long-term sustainable supply the market is requesting from us, and we expect to commission the new facility during 2021. The expansion supports the Cathay Group’s global growth strategy, particularly the consistent growth of its high-quality CATHAYCOAT™, CATHAYTHERM™, FERROTINT™, CATHAYGRAN™ product range, which already provides advanced and sustainable solutions in the highly technical and demanding coating, plastic and construction markets. About Cathay Industries CATHAY INDUSTRIES is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide pigments. The business areas of the company include iron oxide pigment for the construction industry, high technology grades for the use in coatings systems as well as highest purity iron oxides for cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical applications. The portfolio is complimented by a number of synergistic products. Established in 1979, the CATHAY INDUSTRIES GROUP, with production sites in the USA, China, Belgium and Australia has been dynamically growing. The success of CATHAY INDUSTRIES is based on significant investment into latest production technologies. For further information visit
Shepherd Color Company Announces Full Approval of YInMn Blue
(CINCINNATI, OH, May 28, 2020) The Shepherd Color Company is proud to announce that the innovative p...igment known as “YInMn Blue” has been added to the U.S. EPA TSCA registry. This means that the YInMn blue is now fully approved for use in commercial applications, including artist color materials. Besides the long-anticipated availability for use in artist materials because of its color, YInMn Blue is valued for its unique balance of durability and IR reflectivity. Commercially known as Blue 10G513, YInMn has been available for industrial use under a Low Volume Exemption (LVE) since 2017. High-performance coatings and engineering plastics companies have been impressed with its visual opacity and color and the near-infrared reflective properties. This balance of visual aesthetics and infrared functionality gives it unique properties that allow building products to have deep, rich blue colors and that stay cooler when exposed to the sun. Blue 10G513 also has exhibited excellent weathering properties. Shepherd Color has partnered with companies around the world to make YInMn Blue available in a wide range of artist materials. Please visit our website for a complete list of these providers. The YInMn Blue pigment chemistry was discovered serendipitously at Oregon State University and licensed to The Shepherd Color Company for commercial sales. Named after the chemical constituents of Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese in a trigonal bipyramidal structure, the YInMn Blue represents how...CONTINUE READING ON LINK BELOW
Lomon Billions Opens New Sales and Technical Services Office in Shanghai
Jiaozuo, China, May 6, 2020: The official opening of Lomon Billions’ new sales and technical servi...ces office in Shanghai was held today, marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by Mr. Haiming Qu, Assistant to the CEO and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sales. The new office is located at CITIC Plaza in central Shanghai on the East bank of the Huangpu river, just 43 kilometers and 45 minutes’ drive from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ruiqing Tan, Vice Chairman of Lomon Billions Group, Mr. Ge Yao, Assistant to the Chairman, Ms. Ran Xu, Assistant to the CEO, Ms. Zhaoxia Yan, General Manager of Lomon Billions Trading Company and Mr. Yurong Zhang, Director of Lomon Billions’ Research Institute in Jiaozuo. At the ceremony Mr Tan said, “Since the merger between Lomon and Billions, the business has developed rapidly. Last year we acquired Xinli Titanium Industry and our current titanium dioxide pigment production capacity now exceeds 1 million tonnes making us one of the world’s top 3 titanium dioxide pigment manufacturers and No. 1 in Asia. We are a global company. Our products are sold to many countries and regions around the world. The proportion of our TiO2 pigment sales that is exported has continuously exceeded 50% for many years. It is currently around 75-80%. Within the next 3 – 5 years our annual TiO2 sales target will exceed more than 1 million tonnes. With the rapid development of the company our sales and technology teams will grow considerably. Our production sites are located in Jiaozuo, Deyang, Xiangyang, Chuxiong and Panzhihua. Our new office in Shanghai, China’s international metropolis, centralizes our sales and technical services teams. The global market demands first-class global customer service. Our Shanghai location will attract ... CONTINUE READING ARTICLE ON LINK BELOW
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